Colin Kaepernick's Unyielding Determination and Ongoing Presence

In a display of unwavering commitment, Colin Kaepernick continues to make his presence felt.

On Tuesday, his close friend and renowned rapper, J. Cole, shared a letter on social media

hat Kaepernick had penned to New York Jets' general manager, Joe Douglas.

In the heartfelt letter, Kaepernick expressed his desire to join the quarterback-hungry team's practice squad.

Cole, after obtaining Kaepernick's consent, made the letter public,

convinced that it was essential for the world to witness Kaepernick's  relentless work ethic and his unrelenting desire to return to the NFL.

Kaepernick himself acknowledged Cole's post by liking it on Instagram,

while his longtime partner, Nessa Diab, shared it on her IG stories,

silently endorsing Cole's decision to share their sentiments with the public.