DC Mayor Bowser declares public emergency over thousands of bussed migrants

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DC, Washington Over 9,000 asylum seekers have entered the district since April,

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prompting Mayor Muriel Bowser to proclaim a public emergency on the busing of migrants to the nation's capital on Thursday.

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The proclamation gives Bowser permission to create an Office of Migrant Services that will offer assistance 

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services to migrants coming from Texas and Arizona to Washington, DC.

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According to the statement, the district will first set aside $10 million for the construction 

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the new office and will apply for compensation from the federal government.

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"We are aware of this. The border problem is not getting better.

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At a news conference, Bowser declared that things were growing worse and that she anticipated "hundreds more buses" to come in the coming months.

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Since April, more than 9,000 asylum seekers have travelled by bus to Washington, DC.

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