iphone 14 feature gap between standard and pro max version has users fuming

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At their yearly launch ceremony today, Apple went all out.

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Tim Cook, the CEO, lauded the updated models of the iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch.

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"Each is the best in the business on its own. They provide a fantastic experience when combined, he remarked.

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Of course, the iPhone 14 received the most attention.

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However, the new generation of the enormously popular smartphone is leaving some people in the cold since

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the differences in specifications between the cheaper Pro Max version and the basic model are now more pronounced than ever.

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You'll have to fork up several hundred dollars extra if you want the bells and whistles, the "always on" display, and the "dynamic island" interface.

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The regular iPhone 14 has already been referred to as "underwhelming" online.

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The camera on the new iPhone 14 will be superior to that on earlier models.

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