I! The final episode of Nightly Pop was broadcast after the cable network announced a major change in its programming.`

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The pop culture talk show hosted by Morgan Stewart

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Hunter March and Nina Parker ended with a kiss on the air and a kiss between March and Parker.

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On social media, every host shares fans and most sincere messages for years of support.

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"What's that for everyone who made @e_nightlypop ... 

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from the crew who shot her glam and wardrobe that made us fabulous, to the producers

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staff and editors who did it all, my beautiful co-co The last was 5.

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The year is made extraordinary for the host, and for you, the audience lay in bed with us every night ...

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I love you and I thank you see you next, "Instagram The march was shared.

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In an extensive Instagram post, Parker shared her heart on what the incident meant in her life.

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