Oscar-winning 'Cook's Nest' actor Louise Fletcher dies

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Louise Fletcher, The Last Star—Benteng, whose appearance is spectacular in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

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set a new standard for screen offenders and won an Academy Award, having died at age 88.

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Fletcher died in a family sleeping at their home in Montduras, France

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His agent, David Shawl, told the Associated Press on Friday. No reason is given.

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Fletcher was early in his 40s, after having a career spanning several years to raise his children

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were very rare when she was chosen by director Milos Forman because of her role in the 1975 film opposite Jack Nicholson

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Robert. Altman "thews as in." At the time, they didn't know that it was rejected by many other big stars, including Anne Bancroft

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"I am the last person," he recalled in an interview in 2004.

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"It was only when we were halfway through the shoot that I realized that the segment had been introduced to other actresses.

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