Raymond Lee plays a physicist in NBC's new edition of "Quantum Leap"

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but his theory character, Dr. Ben Song, the world met the stereotype of Nebish.

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The first hints were his clothing in the 1970s

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a funky wine pattern shirt over a polyester gray disco with a flyaway collar.

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Another clear sign: future professional boxers about laughter during boxing matches.

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"Ben Song isn't your typical physicist," Lee said of the making of the film.

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"And he's clearly not a warrior."

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Instead, the song "Quantum Leap" (premiering Monday, 10 EDT/PDT) was a time traveler in the 1989–93 Vigan-fi TV series Loved

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where Scott Bakula was featured as Dr. Sam Beckett, who unwittingly searches through space and time

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takes the place of random people who appear to correct past mistakes.

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