tiff taylor swift shows all too well reveals cinematic culprits

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Taylor Swift, an Academy Award nominee?

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The music icon began a prospective push for an Academy Award on Friday.

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when she came over to talk to me about her film ""Criminals" and a showing of "All Too Well"

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The Quick Movie "in Toronto at the international film festival. Every year, the festival is viewed as a high-profile starting point for the forthcoming awards season.

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"All Too Well" is a contender for the 2023 Oscar for best live-action short.

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The 32-year-old Taylor Swift introduced herself to the applauding crowd of admirers who sung along with the movie as they watched it.

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(The singer-songwriter first presented "All Too Well" at TIFF on the 35mm form it was originally filmed on.)

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Swift wrote and directed the 15-minute movie, which was named video of the year at the most recent MTV Video Music Awards.

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"Stranger Things" actress Sadie Sink portrays a young author who gets sucked into a seemingly fairy-tale affair with a seductive but domineering older guy.

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