Tucker Davidson returned to a mound with a fresh look, and the results were encouraging.

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Engel gave the left batsman after 26-years of extra days in the middle of the start

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he looked to return it to his delivery in an effort to increase control.

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Davidson did not run a batsman in five rounds, the first time he did in a career-high 16 of a main league match.

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Davidson was left behind by running with the Angels

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but the Angels bullied after a 7-2 loss to the Texas Rangers on Wednesday night.

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Davidson, 26, is one of a handful rated for next year's role, either as the depth of rotation or in intimidation.

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While there must be evidence that they have a big league thrower, one of the main problems is their handling.

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Davidson scored 6.3 hits per nine innings this season, contributing to his ERA of 6.96.

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He attacks with only 60% of the field, less than the main league average of 63%.

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