u.s. agencies sign agreement on space mishap investigations

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With more private businesses sending astronauts into orbit, Washington (Reuters)

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The National Transportation Safety Board, according to the U.S. government (NTSB)

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take the initiative in any future fatal or substantially damaging commercial space incidents.

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Regardless of whether the events included fatalities or injuries, the NTSB will serve as the primary investigating body.

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According to an agreement, the individual was on board the commercial space launch or reentry spacecraft.

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the NTSB signed the NTSB-FAA Commercial Space Memorandum of Understanding.

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"This agreement underscores our common desire to maintain a safe, thriving, and competitive U.S. commercial space industry,"

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Billy Nolen, acting administrator of the FAA, stated.

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If there is damage to property unrelated to the commercial space launch or reentry operations, the NTSB will also assume control.

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